One of the greatest things about Claude is that… ever since Sebastian complained about that one speck of sauce that he fucked up and left on the edge of the plate, he’s constantly tried to get back at Sebastian for it. Look at him. Look at him desperately trying to regain his pride, regain the best butler medal - even though he shouldn’t even care about being a butler. Yet, here he is. Criticizing Sebastian for literally the most inane and dumb things that Sebastian could never, ever even hope to give a single fuck about. 

What even is a true butler? Is there some kind of impeccable Butler Code written by Satan Himself that demons must adhere to if they ever even hope to become True Butlers? Must they be the very embodiment of perfection itself? Does Claude honestly believe that he has reached this pinnacle of Butlering and that he can look down on Sebastian for it?

Claude Faustus truly is the Biggest Nerd of Our Time.